Steve, Shoap, Independent Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional

I am a retired engineer who has won several patents with Todd [Sullivan].
He is very collaborative and responsive.
My experience with him has been fruitful and enjoyable. - 11/15/2011

Ernie Conover
Ernie Conover
Ernie Conover, Instructor, Author, Photographer, Consultant and Expert Witness in the Woodworking Field

It was a pleasure to work with Todd Sullivan as an expert witness on a trademark matter in the woodworking field. He displayed an unparalleled level of professionalism, responsiveness, common sense and Yankee practicality. He is expert in all facets of trademark law! - 1/21/2009

Leslie Sanderson
Leslie Sanderson, Consultant at Leslie Sanderson - operating in southwest Florida and NH

Todd [Sullivan] makes strategic contributions to the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua, helping the Club raise its visibility in the community and diversify funding sources. He has brilliant recall and memory for details which complement his strategic outlook. No task is too large or small for him to tackle. These skills and attributes along with his humor, subtle wit and reliability make Todd a valuable and effective board member. - 6/16/2008

Garth Bruen
Garth Bruen, Chair of North American At-Large Regional Organization at ICANN At-Large

Todd [Sullivan] did my patent work and created an excellent application document. He really took the time to understand my work and turn it into something that will help carry my projects forward. Not only is Todd a great attorney but he also has a deep understanding of technology and the needs of the modern business world. He also backs up his work with timely advice and recommendations. - 4/29/2008

Joseph Carrabis
Joseph Carrabis, Senior Research Fellow at USC Annenberg's Center for the Digital Future

The easiest thing to write about Todd is that he can work with me, not easy to do. He is quick to learn, can grasp deep understandings and minute detail -- excellent qualities in an IP attorney. HIRE HIM! - 4/17/2007

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